Want to Update Your Website? Here’s how!

The Internet is such a fast-changing place that if you own a website there will come a time when you decide it’s time to give it a bit of a facelift. Or maybe the worst has already happened and your customers and visitors have already mentioned that it could use a freshening up. But aside from scrapping the whole bit and starting from square one, how can you do it? By using these simple tips that will instantly give it new life and attract even more visitors.

Take a hard long look at your “About” page
All too often people slap up an “About” page when they first get their site up, without putting too much thought into it. Businesses will often just use their mission statement, or a short summary on the products and services they offer. But once your site has been running for some time, take a long hard look at this page and ask yourself if it could possibly offer more. Perhaps give a brief history of your company, highlight a major event that really boosted your company to another level, or tell them what makes you better than your competition.

Install a blog
Truthfully, if your website doesn’t have a blog to along with it, you’re already behind the times. People expect every website to have a blog these days, as it’s a way to keep readers regularly updated on what’s going on with the business or the website and makes them feel more connected to you – even if they don’t realize it. Many business owners think they don’t have the time that’s required to install a blog and keep it updated regularly, but there are many content writers that would love to write for yours and they can tailor the posts to your business, and to convey the exact points you’re trying to get across. Even if you just need a blog post about an upcoming sale or promotion in your store.

Place sales and promotions on the home page
It’s great to have a blog post detailing certain promotions you’re holding, but putting it right on the front page of your site will also give it a new and fresh look. One dialogue box, strategically placed right where visitors will see it first, will instantly tell visitors that this is a site that gets updated regularly, plus it will clue them into the fact that you have a certain product or service on sale. That might get you more business for that particular event, and could get you repeat visitors on a regular basis. Just remember to take it down once the event is over, as leaving it up will do the exact opposite and tell customers that the site is rarely updated.

These are three very simple ways you can use to instantly help freshen up your website. And while there are other ways to do it, including giving it a total revamp with an entirely new design and template, these are a few that will take just a few minutes and can really give your site an entirely new look.